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Lijond Natural Honey Billboard in Over 10 Cities


Designing a billboard with the aim of branding and showing the natural, organic features of Lijond's honey.


Using Lijond's unique jar style and combining it with our design.

Lijond’s jars are an exclusive part of their brand. The jars are designed and molded so they are completely unique. We used this feature and combined it with our design and using communications as our main part of our strategy, we created our final design for the billboards.

Development process

  1. Gaining knowledge about each city in Iran and the people’s behavior in each city.
  2. Studying the conditions of the weather and sun light in each city.
  3. Taking photos of the jars.
  4. ideating about different designs.
  5. Sketching raw sketches.
  6. Performing the final design.

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