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Lijond Saffron Honey Advertising Campaign

Saffron Honey Advertising Campaign
Problem And Strategy


Producing a product that was new in the marketplace

The Middle east produces a huge amount of saffron and exports it to countries around the world. According to saffron’s health benefits, it would make the best combination with honey and would fulfill lijond’s claim in producing organic products.


offering a product based on the needs of the targeted marketplace of Lijond

Through using the fields of communication, we tried to compensate the lack of this product in the targeted marketplace. We ran an advertising campaign on social media in which this product was introduced.

Development process

  1. Analyzing our targeted marketplace.
  2. Analyzing the options that we had in order to produce a new product.
  3. Choosing saffron as our final option to combine with honey. The middle east is an important producer of saffron and since lijond had claimed that it produces organic products; Saffron, being healthy, organic and luxurious, would make the best combination for the new product.
  4. Since the product had to be presented in social media, we decided to sketch an artwork that used the shape of their honey jars which is the most exclusive part of their product and finally created a design which focused on saffron and its combination with honey.

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