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Lijond Gold Honey Product Development

Branding Lijond's New Product
Problem And Strategy


Branding and product introduction of Lijond's gold honey.

Promoting a product which was new in a worldwide scale. The gold honey is a special, luxurious gift for your loved ones. Besides being organic and healthy, it is very classy for the ones who are considering giving a healthy, glorious present. We held a campaign in which this product was promoted and introduced to people.


Introducing the product using social media marketing tools and creating sliders and Instagram content.

According to our target audience, Instagram would be the best platform in order to promote this product on. Through the field of communication , we published our designs for this product on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Development Process

  1. analyzing the product and its features with the aim of finding the best channel to introduce it to our target audience.
  2. creating content which best shows the specialties of this honey.
  3. sharing the created content on the website and Instagram page.
  4. analyzing the feedback followed by sharing the content on social media.

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