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Illustrating the usage of honey in our daily life.


Illustrating different benefits of honey for different situations in order to raise awareness and engage a wide range of customers.

To show the benefits of honey and how we use it in our everyday life. Marketing Campaign with the aim of branding. To place honey as an important and healthy product on our daily routine – not only for breakfast but also as a nutritious and healthy snack that you can make desserts , drinks and even foods with. It also has so many medical benefits and help you improve your health.

Development process

  1. Gaining information about different kinds of honey and their benefits.
  2. Categorizing the usages of honey and allocating them to the customers’ lifestyle.
  3. Ideation and designing content for each usage.
  4. Sharing the content and analyzing customers’ on each category.
  5. Redesigning our content based on the feedback

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