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Seven Century – Social Media Marketing & Design

Seven Century Instagram Design


Creating content for a new target audience

While having its audience in Dubai, Seven Century Real Estate wanted to expand its market in the middle east and target new audiences.


Creating Instagram content with a design that matches middle east culture

By designing an Instagram template for 7 century real estate, we made sure to beautifully present our content. The new, modern-looking page could easily meet the needs of Seven Century’s target audience in the middle east.

We designed a bunch of bookmarks which need to be placed on top of the related posts. These help users have a more enjoyable experience while visiting the Instagram page, they can find the content they are looking for way easier and therefore, will give us a better feedback as followers.

Development process

  1. Analyzing and gaining information about the market
  2. preparing initial sketches for the page interface
  3. Designing the template
  4. Presenting the content in the newly designed template

Seven Century Instagram Campaigns


Raising seven century's instagram followers

in order to raise brand awareness for seven century in the middle east, we needed to raise their instagram page followers.


Running a social media campaign

in order to raise seven century’s Instagram followers, we decided to run a campaign for seven weeks. In this campaign the followers were required to follow the page and by following the steps of the campaign, they could raise the chance of winning a weekly prize. Having a number of pricy gifts, the campaign attracted a lot of attention among people. alongside with running the campaign on seven century’s Instagram page, we ran a bunch of advertisement of other pages to attract even more attention. The results you may ask?! we gained more than 2000 new followers during the time of the campaign. 


Followers in 42 days


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