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Inspired and driven by the glorious magnificence of nature and all that it offers in different stages of its beautiful cycle throughout the year, Lesprit des Saisons encapsulates the essence of seasons.




Lesprit des Saisons



Lesprit des Saisons

The Challenge

Lesprit des Saisons, was going to launch their summer collection consisting of three unique perfumes, faced the challenge of entering the competitive global market and establishing a strong online presence. Hey sought our expertise in designing their brand identity, packaging, and website to successfully launch their brand vision and establish a strong presence in the perfume industry.

The Solution for Lesprit des Saisons

As their dedicated creative and advertising agency, we embarked on a journey with L'esprit des Saisons, working closely with them to bring their vision to life and ensure a successful launch of their summer collection.

Branding of a new collection of perfumes​

L'esprit des Saisons is a collection of perfumes that offers the highest quality of natural essences and ingredients that have been carefully handpicked to create the perfect mood and ambiance intended for every specific season and various respective experiences. to showcase the unique experience these perfumes offer their users, we needed to work on their brand identity and branding process.

Designing a brand identity that best shows the features of this collection for L'esprit des Saisons

We began by crafting a distinct and timeless brand identity that would encapsulate the essence of L'esprit des Saisons as a whole. Through thorough research and a deep understanding of their values and target audience, we developed a visual identity that conveyed the brand's unique personality and positioning. Our team carefully selected color palettes, typography, and visual elements that reflected the brand's core values and evoked an emotional connection with consumers. 

Packaging Design

Building upon the brand identity, we delved into designing the packaging for the summer collection. Our team drew inspiration from the scents and the concept behind each perfume, creating packaging that not only showcased the exquisite nature of the perfumes but also visually communicated the essence of summer. Through meticulous attention to detail, we ensured that the packaging reflected the brand’s identity, capturing the attention of potential customers and enticing them to experience the fragrance within.

Design and Development

To support the global launch of the summer collection, we designed and developed a captivating website for L'esprit des Saisons. Our team worked closely with the brand to understand their goals and target audience. We crafted an immersive online platform that showcased the perfumes, their inspirations, and the unique stories behind each scent. The website was designed to offer a seamless user experience, allowing customers to explore the collection, learn about the brand's heritage, and easily make purchases.