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Ghaseel Show Jumping | Alsabah General Electric

Ghaseel Show Jumping, a spectacle meticulously sponsored by Al Sabah and brought to life by Erahaus. On March 1-2, 2024, witness the perfect fusion of corporate sophistication and thrilling show jumping, where Al Sabah's sponsorship, intricately designed booths, and dynamic social media marketing, guided by Erahaus, unfold an immersive experience.


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Embark on a journey with Ghaseel, the trailblazers in automotive elegance. Beyond the mundane, Ghaseel's expertise in car care unveils a realm where every vehicle receives meticulous attention and unparalleled craftsmanship. As we proudly announce our collaboration with the prestigious GHASEEL SHOW JUMPING event, witness firsthand how Ghaseel's dedication to excellence extends from cars to creating unforgettable experiences. Join us in celebrating the synergy of automotive sophistication and equestrian elegance – a partnership that defines a new era in luxury and lifestyle.

This is our suggested deisgn for Al Sabah's event booth.

Al Sabah's Sponsorship

Witness the epitome of corporate sponsorship and equestrian excellence as Al Sabah, with the creative prowess of Erahaus, took center stage at the Ghaseel Show Jumping event on March 1-2, 2024. Al Sabah’s sponsorship transcended traditional boundaries, reflecting a perfect fusion of corporate sophistication and the adrenaline-fueled world of show jumping.

In collaboration with Erahaus, Al Sabah not only sponsored the event but crafted an immersive experience for attendees. We played a pivotal role, designing Al Sabah’s booth with meticulous attention to detail, creating a visual feast that echoed the brand’s essence. Our partnership extended beyond the physical presence, as Erahaus orchestrated a comprehensive social media marketing campaign, strategically broadcasted on platforms such as the website, Instagram, and LinkedIn. From captivating visuals to engaging content, every element of Al Sabah’s sponsorship was meticulously curated by Erahaus, ensuring a seamless blend of equine prowess and corporate sophistication.
Together, Al Sabah and Erahaus elevated the Ghaseel Show Jumping experience, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of sports, elegance, and strategic brand representation.

What happened in Ghaseel Show Jumping?

In a grand display of equestrian prowess and corporate elegance, Ghaseel Show Jumping, sponsored by Al Sabah, unfolded its magnificence on March 1-2, 2024. The prestigious Kuwait Riding Center in Sabhan set the stage for this remarkable event, attracting 450 skilled riders and captivating an audience of 5000 attendees.

The two-day extravaganza featured a breathtaking array of show jumping performances, showcasing the talents of both riders and their magnificent horses. The outdoor event not only provided a platform for fierce competition but also offered a vibrant atmosphere with exciting activities for all ages. Attendees indulged in delectable food and beverages, explored equestrian needs at tack shops, and enjoyed dedicated kids' playgrounds amidst the thrilling competitions.