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Al Sabah General Electric



The Biggest Online Electric Shop in Kuwait


Al Sabah General Electric Introduction

Founded in 1983, Al Sabah General Electric Co. Ltd. has established itself as a leading lighting company and a significant player in the electric market in Kuwait. They offer a range of products, including luminaires, lamps, and accessories. In addition to their lighting solutions, they also provide various products and services in areas such as IT and Telecom, Energy, and more. They aim to expand their international portfolio to better serve their clients in the Middle East. Their services include engineering services like design, analysis, installation, and commissioning, which can be offered as standalone services to their clients and industry partners.


Erahaus Creative Agency swiftly detected the problems and spearheaded the comprehensive redesign of Al Sabah General Electric's website. Recognizing the limitations of the previous design and the urgency of the upcoming campaign, Erahaus Creative Agency focused on providing a solution that encompassed both design and technical aspects. 
We meticulously crafted a visually stunning, user-friendly website with an intuitive user interface (UI) and enhanced user experience (UX). The redesign also addressed the technical issues, ensuring optimized loading times, reliable functionality, and smooth navigation. The result was a captivating online showcase that effectively showcased Al-Sabah General Electric's products and services while accommodating the expected surge in website traffic during the campaign.


Al Sabah General Electric faced multiple challenges with its previous website design. The design failed to showcase and sell their wide range of products effectively. The outdated aesthetic and cumbersome navigation hindered user experience (UX) and engagement. Additionally, technical issues plagued the website, leading to slow loading times, broken links, and an overall unreliable browsing experience. With an upcoming campaign on the horizon and the expectation of a significant increase in website traffic, a swift redesign became essential to address these issues and create a compelling digital platform.


Eid Al-Fitr Campaign

With Eid Al-Fitr on the horizon, a festive season when customers are actively seeking quality products, we saw a prime occasion for Al Sabah General Electric to boost their sales. We devised a compelling campaign strategy, aptly named 'Buy 4, Get 1 Free,' aimed at captivating their target audience and increasing their customer base.
By incorporating email marketing into Al-Sabah General Electric's campaign, we demonstrated our dedication to delivering comprehensive and impactful marketing strategies."

To maximize the impact of the campaign, we utilized various digital channels, including social media, online advertisements, and email marketing. By highlighting the 'Buy 4, Get 1 Free' campaign and other compelling offers, we motivated customers to take advantage of exclusive deals during the festive season.

The combination of our holistic campaign strategy, encompassing digital channels such as social media, online advertisements, and email marketing, yielded exceptional results for Al Sabah General Electric. These actions not only drove increased traffic to their website but also fostered a stronger connection with their audience, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.